Writing in a Digital Age

In a digital age, students have the right to expect their ideas, thoughts and products to be published for a wider audience.


Edublogs (my top pick) has an extensive help section.  Check out what other bloggers are doing. Also check out this page that has some great blog examples part way down. Primary teachers, check out the Easy Blog Jr app.

Classroom blogs (with student blogs) by grade:

Options for Blog Writing

Get involved with a community of bloggers. Try the primary blogging community (watch Mrs. Wideen’s blog for a new community starting up).  A new option for connecting is S2SBlogConnect. You can also use the hashtag #comments4kids on Twitter to ask/give comments.


Twitter becomes what you and your class make it to be. Whatever that is,  it involves writing.

Twitter examples by grade level:

Authors and Illustrators on Twitter – tweet your favourite author!

A more private alternative to Twitter is Today’s Meet. It works well for writing responses to reading, sharing opinions etc.


On iPad

Book Creator – an app that allows for the creation of eBooks that can be shared as videos or in iBooks.

On a PC

Storybird – an online application that provides high quality illustrations for students to use to write digital books.

Other Resources

Using Images

Pics4Learning – Automatically produces citation and all are classroom appropriate.

Pixabay – Copyright free images (but ANY word is searchable).

(When I want my young students to use photos, I sometimes search Pixabay and then post them on a Padlet.)

Kid-friendly Search Engines

Kiddle – Visual search engine for kids

KidRex – Safe search for kids