Presentation Resources

Below are the digital handouts I have prepared for some of my presentations. The resources are open for anyone to access, anytime!

1, 2, 3 Learn With Me – Find practical ways to incorporate STEM into your K-6 classroom.

Apps, ‘Bots and Code: The New ABC’s in the Elementary Classroom – Why would you want to use coding and robotics in your elementary classroom? What is possible? How does it fit with your existing curriculum?

Blogs as Digital Portfolios – Blogs provide a way for elementary students to demonstrate their learning for their parents, family and the world.

Building a Worldwide Learning Community in Your Elementary Classroom – Your classroom can learn from and with the world! Let’s look at tools and ways to make this happen.

Connected From the Start – Even primary students can connect and learn with others from far way.

Digital Daily Five with iPad – Apps and ideas to support the Daily 5 in your classroom.

Microblogging, Movies and Math (Mathematics with iPad) – The power of iPad for teaching primary (or any age group!) mathematics is that it gives us the ability to capture student learning and thinking.

Primary Digital Citizenship – Even very young students can begin to think about how to be safe and successful online while they are meeting curricular outcomes.

Reboot, Read, Write – Technology can help us to do things better, or it can transform what we do in the classroom.

Twitter for Teachers – Shouldn’t you be part of this open-ended, always available professional development opportunity?

Writing in a Digital Age – Elementary students can learn to write with an authentic purpose and audience for their writing.