Blogs as Digital Portfolios

Although there are other options for digital portfolios, using a blog is a great option:

  1. Posts are ordered with the most recent at the top, showing student growth.
  2. Posts are “comment-able”, allowing families and others to participate in the learning.
  3. Blogging hosts allow a wide variety of tools to be used to demonstrate learning.

What Does It Look Like? 

  • My Classroom Blog – Each of my students’ blogs (their digital portfolio) is linked from my blog. Look on the right hand side for links.
  • Grade one  complete year example
  • Grade two complete year example
  • Examples of digital portfolios from all ages

How Do You Do That? 

  • The Paperwork – Parental Permission – Form my school division uses for permissions
  • Show parents what you want to do–use examples
  • Assure parents of your concerns for safety and let them know how you plan to keep their child safe.
  • Offer options – no personal images, pseudonyms
  • Involve parents right from the start as part of the “blogging family”.

Choosing a Host 

There are lots of blogging options out there. Check out pricing and features to choose what works best for you. My top choices for blogging hosts are:

    1. Edublogsexample, pricing options8949528749_6209396a94_m
    2. Easyblog – example
    3. See Saw – (examples by grade level)

(Check this table made by workshop participants comparing these three hosts.)

Tools for Demonstrating Learning 

Apps for Demonstrating Learning

Assessment and Choice

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