Connected From the StartMy eBook, Connected From the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Classroom, is now available from PLPress!

In the book I  share my own experience and make the case for connecting our youngest students to the world, using the transformative power of Internet tools and technologies. I also show you how you can make this shift in your own classroom.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

The book includes:

  • Dozens of color photos
  • 10 short videos
  • Hundreds of links to helpful downloads and resources
  • A peek inside my classroom showing practical applications of the concepts in the book

Kathy does a masterful job of balancing both the philosophical reasons behind getting kids connected at an early age as well as giving you lots of practical examples, both visual and narrative, to help you to truly understand how to implement these strategies in your classroom.” – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, CEO and Co-Founder, Powerful Learning Practice

Kathy Cassidy has become a shining example of what one teacher with some grit, curiosity and passion can do to realize the powerful potential of computing and technology in the classroom. And she does it with 6 and 7 year olds.” – Dean Shareski, Community Manager, Discovery Education Canada

“I was amazed on what Kathy has accomplished in very few years. She has inspired me to start thinking of ways to slowly bring in technology into my classroom.” – Christine Kupcho, Teacher and Education Student

“Right away Kathy Cassidy makes you feel like you can relate to her. She does not come off as some techy know-it-all.” – Jennifer Nagel, Teacher and Education Student

“As I read further into the book, I was surprised at how little she had started with compared to what she had actually introduced  into her classroom. Her persistence in learning and applying knowledge has truly paid off for her students.  Her willingness to “dive in” with limited resources is inspirational.” – Tara Libera, Teacher and Education Student

“Although I knew blogging could be incorporated into what we already teach our students, hearing it from someone who tried it out and has been successful helped me understand the reality of how it could work in my classroom.” – Lori Koladicz, Teacher and Education Student

“I like how Kathy makes her reader’s realize that she hasn’t always been a technology pro. She had to explore and discover the power of technology for herself and was faced with several obstacles. I think sometimes we feel that technology is too advanced for us and we can’t use it because we don’t know what we are doing; however, Cassidy proves that when you take some time and explore, you quickly realize how powerful the use of technology can be in your classroom.” – Krista Beyer, Teacher and Education Student

A class of preservice teachers share their thoughts thoughts.

Click here if you would like to purchase the book now.



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