A New Idea in Publishing

I have long admired the work that Sheryl Nussbaum Beach and Will Richardson are doing with PLP (Powerful Learning Practice).  PLP mentors, supports and pushes teachers to shift their teaching into the 21st century.  Whatever teachers need to make that shift, PLP makes happen.

Today, PLP has launched PLPress.  PLPress is a chance for teachers who are shifting the way they do things in their classroom to write for a publisher that is more teacher/writer-centered than traditional publishers.  From the PLPress website, here is their take on how they are different.

Check out their website (download their first e-book–it’s free!) and think about the possibilities.  I’m writing a book for PLPress. I know other teachers who should also be thinking about this opportunity.  Are you?

One thought on “A New Idea in Publishing

  1. I’m not a teacher, but my Vietnamese sister in law has an autistic seven year old, Christina, who showed more progress from the 9 months she went to school in Arlington, TX THAN SHE DID IN SIX YEARS OF NOT LEARNING in Vietnam. When she started school in Texas she did not speak either Vietnamese or English, she only babbled incoherently. Now Christina communicates verbally in both languages, has shown a gift for drawing and has developed computer skills allowing her to search the net. Unfortunately she had to return to Vietnam(she is an American citizen but her mother is not) and is slipping back rather than moving forward.
    I think what you and PLP are doing is marvelous, and I shared this with my wife, Christina’s aunt, who may be able to stimulate her sister to do more than ignore the problem. Thanks, and good luck.

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